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GoPro Hero (2014 Model) - How to convert into a CCTV device or similar (like Casey Neistat's peephole)? Answered

I have an old GoPro Hero 2014 that has broken mounting clips and lid hinge and would like to repurpose it as a security camera. Now, I would like it to be similar to Casey Neistat's peephole setup (constantly on, hooked up to either an old small monitor/TV). I will be setting it up as a lookout for people in my driveway pad going to my garage while I am in the garage (blind sides). This way I can tell whos approaching. I have no experience in setting this up and I have searched the google and the youtubes for steps but none lead to broken down steps. This here is the disassembly of the GoPro. https://youtu.be/RtO0LCT0xSo Hopefully either someone can describe the steps for me or actually create an Instructable.


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