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Going to sleep with HP monitor Answered

So I am trying to help my grandparents fix there computer, they have a dell pc ( don’t know what exactly ) and a hp 22cwa monitor. The monitor will stay on in tell I plug the hdmi in then it says no signal then goes to sleep mode, I have tried new mouse and keyboard on the computer, as well as using another cord on this monitor and pc but neither work. I did take the monitor to my pc and used the same cords and it instantly worked with both cords just fine. Before today this monitor has been working for almost 6 months with no problem and now is randomly doing thos


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2 years ago

The monitor only turns off if there is no signal.
If it stays on when putting the PC into sleep mode then either the PC is not hibernating or the graphics card won't shut down during hibernation.
There is nothing you can change through cables, keyboard or such.
Could be as simple as outdated drivers....