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Good cheap camcorder? Answered

Hi there im looking for a cheap camcorder that is around 300$ give or take some for say... small vlogs and or to start filmmaking please respond thank you.


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Best Answer 8 years ago

The Canon FS series is a decent product line that is probably a little under $300. That's about the best NEW camera you will find for a blog... otherwise check ebay... I'm bidding on a decent prosumer camera now that I hope to get for $200. It's not digital, but I can live with that. :)


8 years ago

The things to keep in mind:

Video: in the low midrange, you won't notice the difference in video quality on most camcorders - people's 1080tv simply isn't good enough to show bad encoding, and youtube etc re-encoding will force a lower bitrate anyway. SO---virtually any camera in that price range will do. I'm a canon man myself, but you have to make a few compromises at that price:
-Sensor quality/size/resolution
-Lens quality (very important)
-Digital/optical zoom. Tonnes of zoom costs more to engineer. If you only need to sit in front of it wide angle...why sacrifice other features when you don't need zoom?
-Image stabilization. Is it going to be on a tripod? Are you going to be moving much? another expensive feature you may not need.
-On board audio - check reviews for whatever you consider, some are awesome, some are crap.
on board light - waste of time for a vlog.
-Storage - on board hdd? disc burner, tapes, sd card? Aim for something that stores to SD card for easy swapping storage/editing.
-interchangeable lenses - very expensive feature but handy if you want to do video 'production' with a more versatile kit.

Audio: As said time and time again, if you want to sound good, invest in a good lapel or shotgun mic - it makes the difference between a good vlog and crap.

Lighting: more important than the camera itself. Thankfully again, it can be done for cheap with an array of CFL bulbs or a bit more money, led panels - easiest method is of course halogen construction lights. Just make sure to match the colour temperature and hit up the white balance in the camera settings.


Answer 8 years ago

im good with audio and i can get the lighting later but are there any particular model camcorders that is good with quality?