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Good overdrive pedal? Answered

 Not too cheap, not to expensive.


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Best Answer 10 years ago

"Good" is an entirely relative and subjective term here.  What's good for rock isn't so hot for blues, and abysmal for jazz.  You may want light drive, crunchy rhythm, chugging palm-muted power chords, or nasty drive for alternative/indie; no one recommendation will work here.

Your best bet is to research.  Make a list of guitarists whose tone you like, and find out what gear they use.  If their pedals are more expensive than you want to pay (and they most likely are), use Google to search "(whatever pedal) schematic" to find a clone - then build it yourself.  You'll find a wealth of information online for this purpose, complete with all sorts of neat mods to give you more flexibility.

If you're not handy with electronics or reading schematics, you're limited to whatever you can buy.  Plus, you're missing out on something that comes in very handy as a musician - the ability to troubleshoot, repair, and modify your own gear.  I'd strongly recommend learning electronics if you haven't already - building and designing your own circuits is a great (and very fun) way to learn, and you'll be surprised just how cheap it can be.