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Good way to make a large... ish paracord netbag/backpack? Answered

Normally I just go for the trial and error way of learning, it has worked before and often led me to new and/or different ways of doing stuff. In this case however I thought I would go about it in a completely new way: asking for help. (especially since paracord is hard to come by in Sweden and is very expensive when you finally decide to buy online)

What I am looking for is instructions on what you might call a wide basket weave or net weave that would allow me to make a paracord net bag (kind of like the one Chewbacca carries C3P0 around in when he got dismantled) without having to cut the cord more than absolutely necessary. I have already figured out a simple way of making shoulderstraps for it but it's the creation of the bag itself that escapes me.

Logically one could probably use the same basic knots as when you make a rope hammock... the only problem is that i don't know how to do that either. If anyone could help me with this I would be very grateful and I believe that there are others out there who would like such an instructable as well. 


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10 years ago

I have the instructions to make a cargo-net that could be woven into a bag easily enough in my rope book...

It basically amounts to lots of strands tied at one end, then alternating pairs are tied together around some fixed size rod to make all the holes even -- bigger rod = bigger holes. use 2 overhand knots on each junction to make a strong knot that won't move.

I'm sure there's better instructions if you search for 'cargo net weave', or something along the likes.