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Got any tips on replacing an exhaust flex pipe? Answered

So, the flex pipe on my good old Mercury Mystique is almost fully cracked on one end.  The place where the flex pipe and braiding are connected to the solid exhaust pipe is only about 25% intact.  The result is that my car sounds like a hot rod when it's running, has about as much power as a scooter, and is likely leaking carbon monoxide and other nastiness into the cabin.

Obviously, this needs to be fixed.

Normally, I'd take my car to an exhaust shop to have it fixed.  This time, I have neither the cash (likely at least $600, but probably more like $800) nor the inclination (spend 800 bucks on a car that would sell for 500? no thanks!) to have a pro fix it for me.  So, I want to do it myself.

I've already purchased the proper length of flex pipe with the intention of grafting it in.  I have a saw to cut out the old pipe, ramps to get under the car, and flux-core wire welder. 

So, mechanically-inclined friends, have you got any tips for me?  Can I weld in the new pipe while everything is attached to the car, or do I have to remove the exhaust system and weld in the new flex pipe on the bench?

Can I save myself the hassle of welding the pipe and simply clamp it in place?



Best Answer 7 years ago

From the sounds of where the crack is I don't know if you would be able to clamp the flex into place. Without seeing it, it's hard to say. Personally I've never heard of anyone welding flex pipe. All you should need is some exhaust pipe clamps and some hangers, if there is enough pipe left to clamp on to. A good example to look at is this ible by kiteman as a way to get r' done.  I've "fixed" many a exaust this way or very close to it, each time it depends on where the break is at.  Good luck.  If you got any more questions let me know.


4 years ago

I'm glad you ended up clamping it, how secure was it. I was looking for flex pipe too, where did you find yours? I did find these guys in Canada.



Answer 4 years ago

Found it at PartSource.

The car itself has long been sent to the scrap yard! My fix held up till the bitter end, though!


Answer 7 years ago

I fixed it! I cut out the old flex pipe with a reciprocating saw, and clamped in a new one with U-clamps. It actually fit together surprisingly well. No exhaust leaks now as far as I can tell.

Though I did find a rather large hole in my muffler! I patched that up with liberal amounts of exhaust pipe putty and a piece of galvanized sheet metal. That was a job worthy of "thereifixedit.com"

Unfortunately I didn't get any pictures because time was tight and so were the working conditions...