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Grad Dress suggestions? Answered

Okey, some may think it's too early, but I'm going shopping for a grad dress, not even for the gr.12 graduation, but for gr.8. I'm seriously having trouble finding the age appropriate/event appropriate dress. does any one have an idea of a store or something like an online shop kind of thing? this is my first post so if I left out anything that should've been included, let me know.


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12 years ago

At my daughter's 8th grade graduation last year, most of the girls were in approximately knee-length dresses with relatively narrow straps. Nothing particularly "standard"; just the same sort of thing they'd wear to a school dance if it was one of the "dress up" dances (of course, part of this was that there was a graduation dance immediately following the ceremony, somewhat messing with the "event appropriate" thing.) I rather admired the people who managed to wear something "ethnic", but we couldn't pull it off :-( You can let you mom help you pick it out. She'll probably appreciate it, you can blame anything wrong on her with your friends, and graduation ceremonies ARE partly for the parents anyway. (I was still letting my mom help pick out my suits years after college graduation...)