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Grand Opening for new maker space in Reno, Nevada: Bridgewire Answered

CONTACT: Dan Johnson 775-219-7987 Dan@renobridgewire.org, Jeremy Osborn 775-240-1177 jwosborn@runbox.com

Reno Makerspace Grand Opening Oct 1

Reno, Nev. (9/21/2011) - - Bridgewire is a new collaborative workshop where people can learn a variety of skills from welding to hacking. Bridgewire, a nonprofit, will launch Saturday, October 1, with the public invited from noon to 5pm.

“We are a rapid prototyping shop with woodworking tools, metalworking tools, and high tech tools. We provide the opportunity for motivated people to learn. We want to arm people with the knowledge and tools to bring their ideas into reality” said John Lusak, a founding member.

“All the projects I work on are open source, so you can modify them the way you want” said Lusak. He flies a variety of homemade remote control and unmanned aerial vehicles. “They’re not just RC helicopters, they can have GPS, sonar, camera, barometer, and so forth. They’re aerial robotics.”

He notes that people often need a hand up to get started learning. ““I was intimidated, then I decided to spend an hour a day, got some help, and now I help other people. This is a place where people can get help to get started, and to get unstuck.”

Bridgewire will host a variety of workshops where people can learn how to use a 3D printer, soldering, using CNC machines, hacking, and even such unusual skills as lockpicking.

Hotshot The Robot plans to learn to weld. He says, “I’ll be at the Opening because so few humans know how to fix robots. I’m always on the lookout for qualified techs.”

About Bridgewire: Bridgewire is Reno’s first makerspace. People can come to Bridgewire to create and repair. Tools available include various types of welders, CNC machines, metal and wood shop tools, high tech such as 3D printers. Bridgewire is located at 1055 Industrial Way #20, Sparks.



7 years ago

Going to see myself.


8 years ago

Contact the site admins(email: service at instructables dot com), I believe they are supporting hackerspaces with free pro memberships.


8 years ago

How about posting some of your projects here?

(And will you offer a discount to Instructables members?)