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Grounding yourself w/ a suitable ESD wristband without a PSU Answered

So I do not own a laptop or any personal computer as I have no need for either of them (until I get deeper into electronic tinkering with an Arduino, etc). I do have an ESD wristband that I bought from a local computer store that has an alligator clip on the end. I've done a bit a research, but only getting mixed answers as to how I can ground myself without a PSU. I'd like to guarantee that I don't fry any of the beginner electronic projects that I plan on doing. How exactly am I supposed to ground myself with an ESD-wristband?

I do own rubber Nike sandals (open-toe) that I don't mind wearing to help avoid frying any electronics, have a wooden surface on my workbench, but my workstation area is all on carpet.

Thanks in advance!


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3 years ago

With some extended research, I managed to find a good solution that does seem to work quite well. I apologize for posting this, as I did struggle to find a suitable answer after some extensive digging on the Internet.


Reply 3 years ago

Then shar it to make your request complete - always good for people reading it in a few months time.

One option is to simply use the ground connection from your power outlet.
I use a replacement plug with just the ground connected for this purpose.
Does not work too well if you create a lot of interference, like from an induction cooktop or if the ground connection in general is bridged to the neutral line in the switchboard.
For serious tinkering I suggest to use a stainless steel or aluminium plate as the work surface.
Grond tis properly and connect your wristband to it to be really on the safe side.
But in most cases it will be enough to just rest some skin on the metal.