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Growing cat grass - The one I planted did not come out with nice thick blades like the one I see for sale. Why? Answered

I use good fresh store bought soil and follow the planting instructions.  When it sprout sand startsgrowing up it looks sort of weak and scragly.  I give it to my cat and it doesn;t stand up.  It sort of bends over and stops growing   Even the blades of grass that my cat hasn't chewed on come loose at the roots.  I tried pushing them back into the ground but they shrivel up and die.  So sad.  What am I doing wrong.? Have yu got any tips or suggestions that you give me?  thank you



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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

9 years ago

Hey Sean!  Thanks for explaining that.   I have seen cats eat grass, wild grass and lawn grass, but I did not realize there are people intentionally growing grass for their cats to eat. I think, in my family,  the tradition has always been to let the cats seek out their grass, if they want it.

I did grow some wheat grass one time, and maybe that counts.   I didn't know I was supposed to share it with the cat. 

Anyway I think there are a number of different grass seeds being sold as  "cat grass", including oats, wheat, and rye.  Mostly that guess is based on browsing Google images, and looking at the writing on the seed packets.


Also there are words on the subject too.

Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

9 years ago

Gardening can be trying at times. You don't always get what is expected.

I don't know anything about "cat grass", but I remember one time I bought some "bird seed", and I planted it, but it didn't come up as birds.  Instead it came up as grasses of some kind.  I didn't understand it all.  I mean the bag that it came in had pictures of birds on it.