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Guess the Pieces contest! Answered

So recently, I’ve finally finished counting all the pieces in Convolution. I thought it might be a cool idea to make a contest about it. There will be separate categories with points awarded in each category. The one who has the most points wins! You are allowed to give ONE guess for each of the categories.

Here are the categories and the scoring system for each one:

1) Grand Total: Guess the grand total of the piece count. The closer you are, the more points are awarded. If you are within 50 pieces, you get 10 points, within 100 you will get 8 points, within 250 and 6 points are awarded,  within 500 and 4 points are awarded, within 1000 and 2 points are awarded, and within  2000 1 point will be awarded.

2) Most Common Piece: Here it is simple; just give your guess of the most used piece/part in the machine, and the amount of times it occurs.  You will get 2 points for guessing the correct piece/part, and another 2 points if you are within 50 of the amount of pieces used.

3) Least Common Piece: Just as simple as the second one, guess the least used piece/part in the machine and the amount of times it occurs.  2 points will be awarded for the correct part/piece and another 2 points if you correctly guess the amount of times it is used.

4) Price Total: In this category, simply give an estimate of what you think the price of the machine would be if you were buying it piece by piece from the K’nex website.  Prices are based firstly on the K’nex website, and if the piece is not found there, the price will be based on the price of the K’nex User Group. Prices are calculated in USD. If you are within $25, you will get 6 points, within $50 and you will be awarded 4 points and within $100 and you will be awarded 2 points.

For reference, my room measures 2.28m(7’6’’) high, by 3.65m(12’) by 2.74m(9’).
Also, here are some pictures and the video for reference as well.


Best of luck to everyone.  The contest deadline will be February 10.



5 years ago

  1. Time is up!

    Grand reveal:

    Total: 30834
    Most Used: Blue Rod (3757)
    Least Used: Battery Motor (1)
    Price: $4723.94

    The person who earned the most points is Gargamel-Knex with 2 points!

    Here is the complete list:
    GRAND TOTAL (30834)
    Rods (16190)
    17 carbon red rod
    1949 red rods
    3335 white rods
    649 gold rods
    785 grey rods
    3757 blue rods
    2830 green rods
    2606 yellow rods
    103 flexible yellow rod
    147 flexi
    12 carbon grey rod

    Connectors (12978)
    277 tan lock clip
    40 small blue clip
    461 y clip
    932 ladder
    1807 gold tab connector
    2248 yellow connector
    268 two slot grey connector
    858 grey one way connector
    761 green connector
    508 snow flake
    1249 red connector
    2028 purple 3D
    1340 blue 3D
    2 orange angle connector
    199 orange track splice

    Gears/Motors (68)
    1 battery motor
    10 small gears
    33 medium red gears
    5 large yellow gears
    4 medium yellow gears
    5 worm gear
    5 electric motor
    5 power adaptor

    Pannels (82)
    10 square panel 9 hole
    3 triangle panel 15 hole
    6 triangle panel 36 hole
    3 square panel 1 hole
    37 triangle panel 3 hole
    23 triangle panel no hole

    Misc (1506)
    6 medium tire
    6 large tire
    12 large wheel hub
    6 small tire
    6 small wheel hub
    7 head top
    381 chain
    6 large ball joint ball
    6 large ball joint socket
    469 blue spacer
    370 grey spacer
    52 hinge half blue 0.09
    52 hinge half black
    64 ball joint ball
    67 ball joint socket
    5 flexi tubes
    5 clear tubes
    6 tube connectors

Reply 5 years ago


I win it, with 2 points :-D


5 years ago

Grand Total: 21,045

Most Common: Red Rod (3,700)

Least Common: Square Panel (1)

Cost: $6000


5 years ago

Grand total: 31.734

Red rod (4.200)

Clip with Angles end 3d orange (0)



5 years ago


Yellow Connector

Green Tubes



5 years ago

Grand Total: 42,130

Most Common: Green rods (2,953)

Least Common: Green tubes from the loopin lizard (2)

Price: 7,170 USD


5 years ago

I like the point system, very good idea ;)

Grand total: 29647

Most common: Red rod (3968)

Least common: Small hub (you know what i mean with this?) (1)

Price: 6758USD

dr. richtofen
dr. richtofen

5 years ago

Rrrreposting 'cause ibles is being glitchy

Grand total: 39.369
Most common: Red rods (2.506)
Least common: Big tire, 3 1/2 inch (4)
Price: 6.596 USD

dr. richtofen
dr. richtofen

5 years ago

Grand total: 39.369
Most common: Red rods (2.506)
Least common: Big tire, 3 1/2 inch (4)
Price: 6.596 USD


5 years ago

Grand total: 41592

Most common: green rods (3141)

Least common: Does that green flexi tube count? (1)

Price: 5926USD