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Guidance & Info about Quadcopter Project? Answered

Hello everyone,

I am working on a collision avoidance protocol for my masters thesis and need guidance and information especially from people who have done the same or similar project.The implementation is in two stages:

1. simulation

(a) i want to construct a 6 dof quadcopter model in simulink
(b) create the collision avoidance protocol with matlab and it will include:
(i) ultrasonic range improvement protocol
(ii) Kalman filter(for data fusion of ultrasonic and infrared sensor data)
(b) I want to be able to integrate the collision algorithm created in matlab into the model created in simulink and test its functionality using simulink 3D animation.

2. Construction

(a) i want to construct a quadcopter to validate all that has been done in the simulation.
(b) I want it to be FPV type to record videos on flight.

Please need your input as to how you think i should go about it from softwares, hardwares,simulation & construction etc.



Answer 2 years ago

Not sure if your making a statement or asking a question.

There is a whole lot of information available on the flitetest site. What you extract from there and what you do with it is the important thing

We say this over and over again. Taking information from many places and reworking it into your project is research.

Looking for a complete answer from limited sources is plagiarism.

You, like many of us, have to earn your degree. Long hours, much reading, a lot of experiments that often fail BUT you learn from the failures and write them up as evidence of your progress.

By all means make some progress and ask specific questions pertinent to forwarding your design. BUT your have to have something to build on first.

I am intrigued with your extensive project which seems a lot of work for a masters for someone who doesn't seem to have any relevant experience. Tutors are generally wary of allowing students to take on a project unless they believe they have a good chance of success. has your project been approved?


2 years ago

Don't let us stop you but also don't expect that we help much.
It is your graduation not ours ;)


Answer 2 years ago

Thanks.I just hoped i might be lucky to get someone who has done something similar to help speed up the work.


2 years ago

Well my input is you start by looking at every quadcopter project you can find, and understand the protocols they have used intimately. Then think what you can do to build on, and not steal, sorry , copy, their work.