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Guide on making a audio surveillance only device maybe using raspberry pi? Answered

There are tons of video camera surveillance projects using the raspberry pi, but I'm looking for audio only.

  • Ideally, it could be controlled by network,
  • Should be able to save collected recordings with time stamp to attached storage device,
  • A bonus if multiple mics could be attached to it,

I checked around and couldn't find a project that dealt with audio only and I apologize if I missed it.


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

1 year ago

Please let us know if you find it. I have also been searching for such a thing, but I have NOT found it yet.

I know there is Asterisk, for building an open source PBX.

It probably has some routines for recording audio and time-stamping it, if that audio arrives via a phone call...

WeeWX, is open source software for recording weather sensor data.

You've probably noticed Zoneminder, which is made for managing data from video cameras, but it might be totally helpless with respect to recording audio. Like, I can't even tell if there is a way to define a, "audio only" monitor in Zoneminder. I have not asked anyone. I just could not find this by searching for it.