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Guy Fawkes Mask, making it sturdy Answered

I bought a guy fawkes mask, it's that cheap one.
I am pretty sure these are the only ones available at any ease.

Anyhow I am wondering if there is anyway I can reinforce the plastic/make the mask more sturdy.
As well what would be the best way to cut this plastic, I tried with a sharp xacto knife and it would ruin it more then anything else (trying to make the mouth larger)




7 years ago

The best way to reinforce it would be to apply a layer of light weight fiberglass cloth to the inside of the mask using epoxy resin. Don't use polyester resin as it can melt some plastics. Cut some strips of the fiberglass cloth and spray one side with Super77 spray glue and then place it in the mask glue side down- the spray glue will hold the cloth in place. Then mix your epoxy resin and wet out the fiberglass cloth using a small stiff brush. Try to use as little cloth/resin as possible so you don't make your mask too thick to fit properly.

I've also used Boulder Wrap and it works pretty well-


7 years ago

There are a bunch of 'ibles that show how to make a mask from scratch. Usually, they start from paper or cardboard and then stiffen them with fiberglass and resin. For example, this describes how to make a cool dragon skull mask. You could probably use the stiffening procedure on your Guy Fawkes mask without too much trouble.


7 years ago

Maybe try a layer of papier mache inside the mask to stiffen it.