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"HC Off-Line Occured" while Interface Sysmex Xp100 machine using serial cable Answered

We are Interface Sysmex XP100 Hematology machine, but we got "HC Off-Line Occured" error.

We are using Serial Port 9-pin female pins (2-->3, 3-->2, 5-->5)

Our Code To Open Serial Port:
SerialPort comport = new SerialPort();
comport.BaudRate = int.Parse(cmbBaudRate.Text);
comport.DataBits = int.Parse(cmbDataBits.Text);
comport.StopBits = (StopBits)Enum.Parse(typeof(StopBits), cmbStopBits.Text);
comport.Parity = (Parity)Enum.Parse(typeof(Parity), cmbParity.Text);
comport.PortName = cmbPortName.Text;

Port successfully open, but when XP100 machine send output, it shows "HC Off-Line Occured" error.

Please provide possible solution.


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3 years ago

Did you try Google?
Just wondering as the feedback section is for feedback in relation to this website.
If you register to post a question it would be nice if you could also take the time to post it in a suitable section and provide all details that might help.
And if Google can't help you there is always the manufactures support line - which would be the most obvious choice...