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HD 2 reboot loop? Answered

My New HD2 recently ran out of batteries, and when I went home to recharge it, it just booted up normally and vibrated, then turned off. It doesnt even charge! It just gets stuck like this in a an infinite loop, and I dont know what to do! please help!



9 years ago

hey check you pins on your battery just bend them back in place happens all the time, just happened to me and I checked and behold the pins were bents I just aligned them with my fingernail and back to normal, I love easy fix's

rteixeira pintoforshow100

Answer 8 years ago

You my friend are a truly lifesaver! Simply ingeneous the solution for the battery pins! It worked like a charm! I've aligned the pins with my fingernails and voilà! Thank you so very much!!!


8 years ago

I had the same problem for about 3 days now. BUT I'VE FOUND THE SOLUTION for those who have the same problem while using the NAND bootloader to be able to run Android on your phone.

Be aware, this will erase all data from your phone. But it's still better than not being able to use your phone at all.

Simply enter the bootloader menu, select hard reset with your volume up and down buttons and press your call button. After you're done scroll down to 'reset' and press the call button again. Your phone will now boot as it should boot, and because it's a hard reset it will guide you through the initial start-up configuration.

And a last but helpful tip, if you add a contact on your phone, make sure to save them on your sim-card, not on the phone memory. This will prevent any loss of contact data!