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[HEADPHONES] Y-Part Cable Fix Answered

Hi guys! I've read quite a lot of threads on this, but could not find anything related to my problem.

I need some help with fixing my headphones. I've managed to break them exactly on the Y part where Left and Right headphones connect to the main cable. I want to solder them however not sure how to connect separate cables...

I have a small schema here:


Please note the Copper(orange) and the Blue(Blue) are together: blue is in plastic? coating with wrapped copper around but its two separate wires. Also, the magenta/violet on the diagram represents a white wire, All of the other cables except blue were coated in enamel?.
The headphones have a built-in microphone with a button and its sony mdrzx610 model.

I really hope there's someone to help me out I need my sounds back!


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6 years ago

Without a pic of the actual wires it is hard to judge.

You only need two wires for each speaker, one of them will be joined for common gorund, resultin in three wires for the stereo signal.

The mic uses the same ground plus an additional wire.

Leaves the switch.
With the standard 3-ring headphone jacks it either creates a short over the mic or creates a short from switch to ground, depending on model and usage type.
This gives us the 5 wires you have in the pic, but does not explain the extra ones going to the speakers.
Take a tester (either multimeter or resistance tester) and check which wires create a short when you press the switch.
Write the colors down.
Now check between which wires to the speakers you have 8 Ohm or more, good headphones have around 32 Ohm for each spaker.
Again write the colors down for both speakers.

This should only leave you with one or two wires left for the mic.
Usually Ground for mic is same as ground for speakers, plus the one wire going to the plug.

Switch most likely will bridge the mic to a short.


Reply 6 years ago

Hey Downunder35m and thanks for your shared knowledge.

Basically looking at the 'diagram' again its quite obvious that I needed to connect same coloured wires. What confused me was that the mic/button was not working prior soldering. Luckily, after soldering job everything works perfect now!

Thanks peeps!


6 years ago

Hi mpilchfamily and thanks for your reply.

Sorry for the external image sharing site.

First of, when I try connecting all the wires according to the colours - I have then stereo sound: Green + Green for the left and Red + Red for the right. <b>However, the mic does not work. </b>

The enamel can be easily removed or actually melted down with a lighter! And of course you do need to be extra careful and thorough.

The warranty is not applied here cause it would be obvious that the cable was broken and it is not a malfunctioned device problem.




6 years ago

Would help if you uploaded the pictures here.

Overall it's straight forward. Connect like colored wires together. The problem is now days most headphone cables don't have the typical rubber insulation around the wires. Each individual strand is coated in a colored enamel making them extremely hard to solder. Unfortunately you need to remove the enamel before you can solder them . But since each strand is coated and is so small you will tend to destroy the strand before getting the enamel off. If i break mine i replace them have them replaced. If you have only had these about a year then contact Sony about a replacement.