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HELP! Can't get a render working for the "Design For Robotics" contest! Answered

Hi, I'm a young creator in secondary school and have recently uploaded an entry (Strider: Bio-inspired Home Security and Automation) to "Design for robotics".
However, I have been unable to display a 3D model of the robot. I was previously able to render a file (either an FBX, STL, GLB or 3MF- it was a while ago, so I have since forgotten). I was sent an Email in response to my entry saying that they would be making changes to the renderer so it could show sketchup models. However, I since tried to upload both a SKP and DAE file and both failed to be displayed.
To qualify for the finalists, you need to upload a render or you won't be viable for selection. I have put a huge amount of effort into my model, and it would be a shame to have it disqualified on a technical.
Please give any advice if you can or help me directly fix the problem, I will be hugely thankful.


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3 years ago

Seems the problem is actually with my computer as I can see it fine on my phone. Well this is embarrassing...

I think it's to do with my flash, but I'll leave this post up so others can learn from my mistake. If this is considered bad etiquette, tell me and I'll take it down- I'm just trying to help others :-)