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HELP - Energy production idea needing some tips and tricks Answered

Good day to all

I'm not quite sure this is the right forum for this so bear with me if it's not :P

I'm looking for some info and ideas regarding a project that has been brewing in my head, but since i am no more than an initiate in all this mech and tech stuff i figured this would be a good place to find some help.

I'm trying to create a low budget way to feed a 12v battery without having to use solar, hydric or wind power. Basically i want not to be dependant on atmosferic conditions so i wanted to use human generated mechanical thrust to generate enough electricity for some basic stuff.

This project is to be put inside a yurt in the middle of a forest so one can have a few hours of light and maybe even enough power to charge a small laptop or a cell phone.

This is my idea:

I thought of using one of these old sewing tables connected to a small motor(instead of a sewing machine) in order to generate electricity which would then be stored in a battery , more or less the same process by wich a dynamo powers a bike's lamp but in a different scale.

But to achieve this i still have many questions and doubts that i'm going to share with you all in the hope that some bright ideas might help me bring the project to life.

-Question 1
I'm thinking the system should be composed of:
Sewing table (Mechanical thrust)
Motor (Generator)
Some sort of electric rectifier (same function as the ones used with solar systems)
12v Battery
Is this looking logical or have i missed something??

-Question 2.a
What kind of motor is suitable for energy production?
I've been reading about this and if i understood right there are 2 kinds of motors. One kind that uses pre generated electric current to magnetize a coil wich in turn produces motion and another kind wich is built with permanent magnets. This later one would be the one i'm looking for, am i right?? Or could it be that not all PM motors can be used to produce energy from motion??

-Question 2.b
What kind of apliances use this kind of motors? I've just openned a broken vacuum cleaner to check it's motor but it has 2 sets of coils and no magnets, so i'm guessing it is the kind that needs electricity to magnetize one of the coils... LOW BUDGET is a key factor of this project and recycling the motor would be perfect.

-Question 3
What about the rectifier...
I'm guessing i should have some kind of apparatus which would normalize the energy that is going into the battery and also that prevents me from emptying the battery in order to preserve it. I'm wondering if a regular box like the ones used on solar systems would do the trick...

-Question 4
I realized that these table's wheels can spin in both directions, and i'm guessing that this will have some kind of influence on the polarity of the energy produced by the engine and that this might pose some problems. Is this true?? And in case it is, any chance that the rectifier takes care of this or do i need to find a way to force the wheel to spin in only one direction?

I still have many other questions but these are probably the bigger ones.

I hope someone might help me with all this.
Thank you very much in advance.


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12 years ago

Thx for the help. Been away for a while but i've come back with a few more details and related questions. I have since found a suitable table, and am in the process of choosing a motor. I've found this blender motor, which, although is not a PM engine it does produce voltage when turned by a drilling machine (i'm guessing, since it does come connected to a couple of capacitors that these are storing energy which is electrifying the coils and therefore allow for it to generate energy when turned) It is marked 220-230v 50/60Hz 300W I have also found a small lead acid battery marked 12V 12AH/20HR It also states "cycle use - 14-15V 77ºF standby use - 13.5-13.8V 77ºF initial charging current: less than 3A" Can't really figure out what most of this means but i'm guessing this is a suitable battery for my purposes. What i'd like to find is what are the specs of the remaining components that i'll have to had to this system, namelly the charge controller. Any thoughts on this will be welcome or any other issues relating is very welcome... Thx again for the help LinuxH4x0r


12 years ago

Yes, this is the right place to post. Try using a treadmill generator, I hear they are very good. You can use what is known as a bridge rectifier or build your own with 4 diodes. The rectifier takes care of the polarity. The only thing you might want to do is hook up a multimeter to make sure you are going fast enough to charge your battery (16 volts is about right for a 12v battery). You can get a nice digital one for $3 from harbor freight tools Hope that helps. Feel free to ask if you need more help


Reply 12 years ago

Just thought I'd mention, I have one of those sewing machines, and you will need to turn the motor about a 1/2 turn to start it going