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HELP?! I need some advice on chair restoration! Answered

I have spotted this chair in a charity shop, I have been looking for a similar style to this for my flat to restore/up-cycle.
I plan to either have the cushion restored or to recover in a soft furnishing for a different look
However... I am a total novice to this kind of this so I was just wondering:

1. What I should pay for a chair like this, in this condition?
2. How much would it cost to reupholster both DIY & by a professional?
3. How much it would be worth when finished?

Any help and advice given would be much appreciated, as I really am unsure!



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6 years ago

The first thing you should check is whether or not it is real leather on the chair.

The rip in the seat is a massive downer as this means you need replace it where otherwise a good clean would have done the job.

Next is the edging that is stitched between the leather pieces.

Not everydone still does it and including it in the new leather will put the restauration price up a bit too.

I honestly would not pay more than 20 bucks for a chair in this condition unless I know it is some rare and extreme worthy piece.

If you don#t need this edging to keep the original look you can do the upholstery yourself.

Leather is quite easy to work with and the design of the chair is pretty much basic, only requiring straight seems and pieces.

With a bit of haggling you could get the leather quite cheap and most of these upholstery leather can be stitched with a standard sewing machin and the right needle.

Just use good cotton thread as used for tents, when finnishing the leather the wax will seal the seams and the cotton.
The decorative nails and buttons can be reused and cleaned.


6 years ago

Hey thanks for the reply!

I'm new to this kind of thing as textile graduate and I wanted to use this as my first project in my new house.

I am prepared to haggle, but was wondering what a realistic price for something like this would be. I would just be worried that I don't want to spend more than what it would be worth in the end, if I did ever sell.

Thanks again!


Reply 6 years ago

It's really hard to say how much it's worth - I'm not a furniture expert, but I know you really need to be "hands on" to check for damage, maker's marks etc.

One thing that really affects the price of "vintage" stuff is your location, whether such items are seen as necessary to make a home livable, or as fashion items (which will push the price up).

Also, it is even harder to predict future prices - your fixes might increase the value, or decrease it, depending on the fashion.

As a textile graduate, you will have a better idea of costs and values than me, but my advice would be to decide how much you would be happy to spend on it altogether (purchase and upgrade), ignoring any future possibility of sellingbit


6 years ago

1. As little as you can. Haggle. Decide what it's worth to you, and pay no more than that.

2. It depends which professional you use, and what degree of work needs doing - anything from a few pounds/dollars/sheckles to thousands. You need to get estimates from a few local upholsterers.

3. Irrelevant. You are planning to use it yourself, not sell it, so cash value means nothing. If you do sell it, though, it will be worth what you paid for it, plus reupholstering costs, plus whatever profit you are trying to make.