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HELP IDEAS for Mini A/C Unit for Truck Answered

This is an idea that has been tried before with other type equipment & applications. However I think that I have found a way to limit the cost & over size of the application for the use intended. The rubb is that I need help with the fabrication. So I am hoping that the brain power will rally to help in a proto-type or test model of this idea.

THE IDEA: A mini A/C unit to keep a vehicle cool for short periods of time 1-2 hours.

Why needed?? I own a Private Investigation Agency and have very expensive electronic equipment inside sensitive to the high heat in south Texas during the summer.
Equipment on hand for the idea:
A. Small Cooler & HEater unit that can be found @ most Walmart, Walgreens, ect... Size 12"x 10" x 6"
Input: 100-240VAC 1.2 A 40 watt Output 12 volt 4.0 A (looks like a tall showbox with a single hinge that opens like a center console-armrest-glovebox in a truck or van. Picture below...

B. A DC/AC convertor also sold at same stores. The unit is very small but will power the unit very easy. 12 volt 5 A 100 watt, 4" x 3" x 3/4"

C. a zeus sealed 12 volt battery 4-5 AH with the PWR use of cooler.

D. VArious size small electric fans to be used a blower fans.

E. PVC or duct work for the application.

F. Optional Solar Cell for battery recharge to be mounted on roof of vehicle.

I am sorry if my post is inapropiate for this forum or if I have used this post wrong for my purpose. This is my first time to post anything...

If there is anything I can do to help with the concept please let me know.

I will try and add Pic's of the parts later.


PS: total cost of everything brand new was less than $50.00


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11 years ago

The cooler is powered by a peltier device, which is basically a flat piece of metal, and when a current is sent through it, one side gets hot and the other cold. You can cut 2 holes in the top, one for supply air, and one for return air. Put a fan in the supply hole, and leave the return onobstructed. Buy a duct(or use cardboard sealed with duct tape), and attach it to the front vents, and lead it out to an open window. Leave one or two of the cracks open, so the built in fan can vent the hot side's air to through the duct, and into the trunk/out the window. This is a good way to stay cool. It will work pretty well, just try to keep it in the shade. H


12 years ago

You could talk the brains on this one. Also search for "air conditioner" on this site for other instructables. Good luck.