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(HELP) Linking Wireless Pir Sensor To Wireless Chime Answered


I'm trying to use a wireless PIR sensor to activate a wireless MP3 door bell for an art project I'm doing so that when people walk by a particular spot, sound I've uploaded to the doorbell chime will play.  It has to be wireless i'm afraid...

If anyone is bored this Sunday afternoon and feels like helping me out I'd be very grateful as I need this to be operational by Tuesday and i'm no electronics expert. To say thanks I'd definitely paypal you some beer money!

The wireless PIR is this one: http://chitongda.en.made-in-china.com/prod...or-HW-01G-.html

The wireless door bell is this one: http://www.swann.com/webfiles/download/147...P3_Doorbell.pdf

Both operate on 433mhz and in my head, this meant it should have been easy to get them to work together.

Since then I've been reading a lot about DIP switches that was previously unknown to my technically ignorant mind.

So, I've taken a pic of the guts in the PIR and I guess the frequency ID is determined by the pins on the top left that read A0-A7?


and the wireless doorbell has 6 DIP switches in the battery compartment like so:


as well as the door bell button (also wireless).

Is it possible to get these to work together, and if so, how would I do this with a minimum of hassle that someone with little electronics expertise like myself can understand?

A very large thanks to anyone who can help my befuddled mind get around this!


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7 years ago

Microcontroller that can have bluetooh, should work fine.