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OOOOK!! So here i am with another question...

My wife bought me a kindle fire three days ago. i have been tinkering around with it to see what i can do with it naturally...i then got to thinkin i wanted to put all my 'Ibles e-book downloads on it...but heres the hitch...i downloaded Calibre to convert the documents, and i am having a number of problems...

Problem 1:  After converting the pdf to MOBI, and then syncing it to my Fire, i disconnect the device and test to see wether it was a successful sync (to see if technology was telling the truth as it is often fickle). Well, success it downloaded...but thats not the problem...when i look for the new e-book i just converted, i would expect to see the book's cover as it is on the 'ibles website (ie: go to the e-books page and look for the guide to paracord). what i see is not that but what you see when you click the download button on the download page (it has the cover, and the intro description of the e-book). I want to figure out how to get Calibre to convert the book to have the real cover...not the description page.

Problem 2:  I want to try to download the e-pub of the guide to paracord...but when it asks to save it...i save it and then it downloads. after that i go to the file its sitting in, and magically the file is a zip file...i have NO idea what i am supposed to do with this!!! i extracted the file, and low and behold...there is a gazillion files within files (not really...its more like 50+ folders haha). i then proceeded to move the files to my Kindle Fire and then disconnected the device and BOOOM!!!........no file...no book...no nothing!!

Problem 3:  when i did the conversion to MOBI in Calibre and then did the test on my Fire, i touched one of the direct links in the TOC and it zapped me straight to the beginning of the book...

If anyone knows whats giong on, PLEASE HELP ME!!! And before anyone asks...*i have read the instructions to the software*


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9 years ago

UPDATE: I have figured out the problem to Problem 1. i just needed to set the cover to what i wanted.after tinkering around a little bit.