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HELP for using SPDT relay to turn on toy Answered

Hello All,
I'm new to physical computing and have a question that's probably very easy and yet I can't figure it out. I have a doll that cries or laughs depending on which connection you make (if you press the left side it cries, right side it laughs). I want to hook it into a bread board and then control when it cries or laughs with arduino. My teacher said I need to do this using a relay (its the big black one, I believe it is a SPDT). He gave me the schematic that I've attached here.
From what I know the relay has 8 pins. according to this sketch I need to connect the 2 pins furthest away (nothing near them) to a diode and 5Volts. But- what about those other 6 pins? What do they attach to? Any help would be great!


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10 years ago

.  If you have eight pins, then it is a DPDT. The pinouts on relays are pretty standard, so try http://www.google.com/search?q=DPDT+pinout
.  IIRC, the pin closest to the coil pins is the common, the next pin is NO and the last pin is NC. You will want to verify my memory with Google and an ohmmeter.


Reply 10 years ago

 .You will want to verify my memory with Google and an ohmmeter.
Ummm, where should the probes to go?