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HELP measure resonant frequency on induction heating. ? Answered

Dear  All.....
In this circuit and formula  on (GOOGLE).
Please could you help me to know 3 questions:
-How  I can measure resonant frequency  of this circuit, because it has   2 L and 2 C on this circuit?.
- where I  must to put the probes in this circuit for measures frequency?
- If I want to used less power(less heating) I must change L  or C  or both?
 Thank you so much in advance  for your time.


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Best Answer 8 years ago

MEASURE it ? Use an oscilloscope.

Simplest, safest method, make a closed loop of wire between your scope ground probe and its input and wave that anywhere near the work coil.

To change the power output, reduce the input voltage. DON'T change your resonant components !


Answer 8 years ago

Dear Steveastrouk.
Thank you so much for your helpful.
Kind regards