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HELP please? ANSWER questions on USB fridge.... ♥ Answered

Hey guys. I'm planning to make this for my science project and I was wondering if anyone can explain some parts...


1.) where can I buy a cheap peltier cooling unit? or the 12V camper cooler (coz I really can't get how you stick that to the unit... explain please? sorry. I'm such a rookie...)
2.) how to make the fridge light up when you open it? (which is better lights when closed doors or lights when you open the door? please explain how to do this too)
3.) can this fridge be cool enough that the can (or bottle) be cold enough to drink lets say if you place a room temperature can inside? and can it be cool enough in less than 5 hours? (I read your comments to get insights and some of you said you have to wait for 5hours for it to cool?)
4.) can anyone help me how to make the room temperature can COLD rather than just keeping it cool?

~~Please help guys.... Thanks in advance! ~~

P.S. I'm only a senior in highschool so I'm really tight on budget..... 



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no idea about costs

Note you don't say where in the world you are & my crystal ball is off line. i assume USA.

2. LED + microswitch how does your fridge light up?? investigate.

3. I guess so but never made one much depends on your efforts to insulate the box.

4. Put hot thing in a cooler environment - The temperature will try to equalise ie the hot thing get cooler and the cold thing get hotter. - IF you keep the cold thing artificially cold ie with electricity, thn the hot thing will get cold - as cold as the cold thing is in fact - eventually - The rate of heat transfer depends on how close the cold thing is to the hot thing and the temperature difference.

A basic science book should be able to tell you all about this and anyway your going to have to do some real research anyway and write it up.

PS this isn't going to be cheap. Why not simply measure the rate of heat transfer using something cheap such as an ice pack and lots of very good insulation.