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HELP please : Battery for nightvison Answered

What batterys have a 12 or 24v, 3amp capabilities?
Excuse the lack of technical speak but i struggle with it. I've recently given a pair or old Russian PNV-57a  night vision goggles, unfortunately they have to be plugged into a tank to operate. I don't have a tank... unfortunately.
Im looking to get them attached to a battery so i can walk about with them. They got a box at the back allows them to be powered with 12 to 24 Volts. With an ampage of 3 to 3.5 a maximum power consumption of 6W or less. That's the information I've been given apart from their very robust and easy to play with. 
like i said i want to power them with a battery but don't know what battery or if i need to make any circuits.

Any ideas?

Thanks folk


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6 years ago

I had one of those ages ago :)

Not the best in terms of modern electronics but robust as.

I replaced the original batter pack with 4 flashlights.

Each flashlight was designed for 4 d-cell batteries, so all I had to do was was take the light bulbs out and add a few wires.

Negative from lamp 1 to the NV, positive from lamp 1 to negative of lamp 2, positive from lamp 2 back to the NV.

The switches on the lamps can be used to switch the supply off.