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HELP....Flysky with arduino Answered

Basically i am making a robot for a competition called "robowars".
I want to control the robot with the transmitter i.e. the flysky transmitter, like if i want a rotating disc to cut someone, or a hammer, etc i will have to control it with the transmitter right and i want to use the arduino for this, for example, to change the speed of the disc or change the speed of thee robot itself.I want to read the stick values and assign them for different tasks. My robot is about 15 kg, so i need a high power battery to run it, . I guess i can use a BEC for this....i just need help in reading the stick values from the transmitter.Please help in the hardware and software.
I am using an ARDUINO MEGA 2560.
I am totally new to robotics and have no experience so[b] please [/b]help.
I need the code and the connections.
Thanks in advance



6 years ago

For controlling speed you could use a mosfet transitor hooked to one of the analog pins and for reading speed you could use a small dynamo with a resistor hooked to an analog pin or if the motor controlling the disk has a pwm output you could also hook that to an analog input pin. I hoped this helps


7 years ago

Well, your welcome in advance.

I don't know about this "transmitter" but I do know how to do this with pots and RF...

good enough?