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HMD for biking? Answered

oh I'm looking into building an HMD for biking. I have the idea of using a miniature lcd from one of those video glasses to project an image onto a piece of one way mirrored acrylic and mounting all of this on a pair of safety glasses. an app displaying current, max and avg.speed and direction on my iphone would provide the information for the display. I'd likely have to add blinders on each side to block out light from the side. but because it is so bright on the other side of the mirrored acrylic i would be able to see through it making into a hud/hmd. any way i have a couple of questions. 1.) do the glasses display whats on the iphone at all times or only during videos? 2.) is this even feasible?
below are images of what the iphone displays as well as a rough 2D solid edge drwaing


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9 years ago

Note that just "projecting" onto the glasses isn't enough; you need enough optics to create the virtual image at a distance where your eye can reasonably focus on it. Preferably, that should be a distance where you're also still focused on the road.

I STRONGLY recommend against anything that needs blinders. If you don't have peripheral vision, you probably aren't safe on the bike.