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I would love to use SOLAR POWER and ELWIRE (electro luminescent wire) and if I can find a source of offcuts, some FIBRE OPTIC CABLE in a recycled junk sculpture.
Being a female I never had a chance to learn much about electrical matters, soldering wires etc.
If someone can give me some clear instructions on how to incorporate SOLAR POWER and ELWIRE it would be invaluable to me, and much appreciated.
I would also like to know the best ways to link Fibre Optic Cable to a light source.
I am hoping to source some solar panels from discarded solar garden lights.
If anyone knows where I can source offcuts of FIBRE OPTIC CABLE  in  Western Australia that would be a big help too.
Any information that will help me to understand how to use these materials will be most appreciated.
If I can create what I am hoping to build, I will keep records and photos of the process and post pics on Instructables at a later date.


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8 years ago

Just put in "EL wire" in the search to see the instructables using EL wire. Reading through them should point to some sources to purchase from or check out adafruit.com or sparkfun.com. They have tutorials there too. EL wire can work from a battery powered inverter, depending on how much EL wire you are planning to use. That said, solar power from those garden lights probably can only be used to charge the battery cells that powers an inverter unit to make the wire glow. Good luck.