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Just found on YouTube a printer that prints on curved surfaces. As I do airbrushing which is very time consuming and the return for hours spent is very low . I can build the frame work and install print head etc. However the scanner and associated software is beyond me .
please if you can help go to YouTube and type in ARTROBO . Very interesting machine .
cheers and thanks


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6 years ago

A normal office printer won't help you unless you want to print on material suited for normal ink.
It should be possible to build a flex printer from an old inkjet one or for bigger areas a poster printer.
But the amount of modifications would be intense and only work on slightly curved surfaces but not on really uneven ones.
Only really working solution IMHO would be combination of printer and CNC machine.
CNC frame goes on the print area, printe head is held at a constant distance to the surface by a sensor.
Of course you would have to implement a way of using the original driver and hardware for the printer.
Meaning the movement of the original drives need to be matched for the CNC frame.
You would need a fast microcontroller to read the original sensors and motors to translate to the CNC frame and send the feedback from the frame back to the original hardware, while keeping the printhead level and at the same distance to the surface.
Or write your own driver....