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11 years ago

Cut the netting into 1 - 2" strips. I use about 9 feet of netting to cut into strips. Use a "H" crochet hook or whatever gives you the look you like and begin with a chain of 5. Slipstitch the chain closed, then chain 3 and put as many double crochets into the center of the closed chain as possible. Slipstitch the DCs together and chain 3 and put 2 DCs into each of the DCs in the previous row. One more row like this, then decrease every other DC for the fourth row. Work even for 1 - 2 rows, then decrease again to match the first side. Two more rows, decreasing as before should get you to about the same size as the first DC row you started with. Slipstitch closed, and tuck the end of the netting strip inside the scrubber. This makes a nice, round scrubber. I like the coarser netting for more abrasion, but I've been told the coarseness doesn't affect efficiency. This method has been used to make scrubbers for craft sales with good success. You can always adjust the size, too, by adding or subtracting rows. Single crochet could be used also, but it takes longer to get the scrubber finished. Good luck!