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HOW TO STOP TODDY FROM FERMENTATION ? Toddy - Indian Local Alcoholic Drink Answered

Toddy - Indian Local Alcoholic Drink.
and local drink extracted from either a coconut tree or a Palm tree flower. In the states of Tamil Nadu and Kerala, it is known as "Kallu".  The malays call it Tuak . Drinking toddy has the same effect as drinking any alcoholic beverage.Alcoholic Strength:  Strength of the alcohol is like wine. But is not too strong.
i WOULD LIKE TO KNOW HOW TO STOP "fermentation" IF any one have an ans .please write to me or e-mail.to me ar rmschan@hotmail.com








7 years ago

There are two ways of stopping fermentation:
1. killing/deactivating the yeast
2. eliminate the material being fermented

For the first there are chemical agents (like rickharris metioned or with brandy like they do with port wine), temperature (very low or very high) and radiation (UV will be enough).

For the second you don't really have much control once it started but you can add less sugars and/or starches in the beginning.


Answer 7 years ago

I have made beer by fermentation but i was trying to keep the fermentation alive rather than stop it early so I was trying to avoid all of the above ;)


7 years ago

Do you want Toddy with less alcohol in it?
If that is the question you haven't yet got the best answer.



7 years ago

In the UK you could add sodium metabisulphite (Camden tablets) to it to kill the yeast.

Heat it above 40 deg C for about 10 mins kills the yeast As will adding a LOT of sugar.