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HOW TO: change USB plugs for 5 volts Jacks switch-Inputs (pics) Answered

We have a several pair of carbon fibers pads, but what happens now
all of them have a USB plugs that don;t fit with the receptive Jack Plug in 5 Volts Battery
This batteries with the pads work to heat blanquet.
We need help, or more than this a teacher! who tell us how to take out these USB plugs, how to join their cbables, and the how to add a plug in 5 Volts Jack.
If is not clear please let me know Maria


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3 years ago

Check the USB sections at Wikipedia - all the info you might need is there for the taking ;)
If the things you have conform to the USB standards then there will be red and a black wire once you cut the plug off.
Red is positive, black negative.
Normal power plugs and pins have positive on the center contact and negative on the outside - but usually there is also an image on the wall wart stating it.