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HP, Lenovo, ... Laptop Bios update boot loop fix Answered

I had to install Windows on an older HP laptop today.
And being the nice guy I also updated the Bios to the latest available.

Now these Windows tools for this job are great fun, start it, press a few buttons and all is updated.
Well, until you realise the thing ends in a constant bootloop going back to the bios update part created on the recovery/backup partition.

Going the official way by asking the support is pretty much useless as my searches only came up with copy and paste answers but no solution.
Some people got desperate enough to order a new bios chip, program it and solder it in :(
But the fix is sooo easy and obvious that it might take a little kick to realise it ;)

I assume you downloaded the right tool and bios update.
For HP and Lenovo it all comes in one pack anyway.
I also assume the tool stated that all went fine and the backup and update were done correctly.
Now the boot loop that you experience is actually on purpose ;)
You are required to enter the bios - for my HP it is the ESC key, then F10.
Here you load the defaults, then adjust what you need - like the boot order.
Once you set the boot order to the internal HDD or the OS boot manager you are good to again.

I hope that will help the desperate people that got nowhere by trying the support for their laptop ;)