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HP Pavillion dv9000 expresscard remote problems. Answered

I have an HP Pavillion dv9339us with the expresscard remote. I've recently reformatted both hard-drives in it (including removing the recovery partition) and now the expresscard remote won't work. I know the remote itself is functioning fine, because i can see the UV led pulse when i point it at my webcam, but no amount of driver installs or websearching can get the computer to respond to it. Everything else on the laptop works fine. Any ideas?


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12 years ago

You may want to go to the HP site and see if there's a bios flash update. Also ,if my memory serves me correctly (and sometimes it doesn't) I remember seeing something on the web about DV9000 series laptops having some kind of chipset problem.Because of the problem, HP was extending the warranty 2 years beyond the end of the normal warranty. The easiest way to go is probably call HP tech support.