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Instructables.com HTTPS configuration Issues Answered

I'm somewhat disappointed that a site like this hasn't moved over to https by default, especially for the login form / while logged in. Further, when manually initiating https connections to instructables.com I get a certificate error as you're using a certificate for CN=a.ssl.fastly.net, and mixed content warnings about things coming through unencrypted. 

Is there any plan to correct the https configuration of the site?


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4 years ago

Historically, Instructables has supported SSL for our payment pages only. At our scale, this is a decision that's been mostly about cost and speed.

However in the 10 years that Instructables has been around the internet has grown, and SSL across all pages is becoming standard for sites like ours. We will be migrating the whole site to SSL soon. This is on the dev team's current radar, and should be reality by labor day.