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Hack a laptop battery? Answered

I have like 4 broken laptops laying around and i have been trying to decide what to do with them.  I had this thought and looked up some information about it.  In the battery is basically like 8 AA rechargeable batteries.  Well these broken laptops in question no longer charge their batteries.  I know i can crack open these batteries to get the AAs out.  But is there anyway to charge them once they are out?  I would be comfortable soldering if I have to.  I am very new to these instructables, but I know my way around electronics to fix them.  But this idea has me stumped.  But this could also give me a crap load of rechargeable batteries for my sons toys.  Thank you in advance for any information you could give me.



8 years ago

.  If the batteries will not charge, the individual cells are probably all bad, especially if the batteries are more than a few years old. :(
.  But you might get lucky and it's just one cell that is bad. :)  Search this site and the Web for "testing rechargeable batteries".
.  A search for "rebuilding laptop batteries" will show you how to disassemble most batteries.