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#HackHalloween with Instructables AND littleBits! Answered

Have you already created a bitified Halloween project for Instructables' Halloween contest? Forget double toil and double trouble - you can submit your project to littleBits' #HackHalloween contest for double the chances to win! Just make sure it include Bits ;)

(^**> Click here for all the spooky details <**^)

You can win a GoPro camera and up to $3000 worth of Bits!

Get your work in front of the amazing likes of ….

Neil Huxley, Creative Director for Commercials at Digital Domain
We <3 Neil's special FX skillz. Check out James Cameron’s “Avatar” and Zack Snyder’s “Watchmen” to see what we mean.

Tony DeRose, Oscar Winning Scientist at Pixar
Tony combines his years of working at Pixar with his love of learning to inspire young inventors.

First, invent a creepy costume or hair-raising prank OR use one you've already made! Next, film your own scary movie featuring your frightful masterpiece!

Submit your video and documentation of your littleBits creation on YouTube and the Community Project Page with the hashtag #HackHalloween by midnight EST on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 1st.

The petrifying project possibilities are endless! You can….
- Trick out your pumpkin by making it a hack-o’-lantern
- Amp up your Halloween gear! Time to pull out that glowing skeleton costume.
- Make a trick AND treat candy bowl: a prank to petrify costumed candy-grabbers. Muuahhahahahahaha!
- Create that creaky, spooky sound coming from around the corner

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Ayush Sharma

3 years ago

Looks like , many People Would not be having Littlebits or it might not be available for sale in their country yet. So there is a big backend for us.

I hope you could do anything , so that wverybody could get participated and this would be really appreciated.

liza.starkAyush Sharma

Reply 3 years ago

Hi Ayush! Thanks so much for your comment. We do realize that not everyone has bits, which is one of the reasons we are so excited to have an amazing partner like Instructables. They also have a Halloween contest happening (https://www.instructables.com/halloween) as well that you can participate in without using littleBits. Of course, though, we really want you to participate in ours as well! We can offer a small discount if you like on a kit of your choice. I can direct message you with the details if you would like.

Ayush Sharmaliza.stark

Reply 3 years ago

Hi Lisa,

I recently have started saving money for a 3d printer. So, i will definatly buy bits in future. Anyways .., Thanks for the offer. I will participate in upcoming contests of littlebits, after i get my hand on them. :)