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Hacking a SNES & NES controller with a USB Keyboard Chip Answered

I been wanting to buy Retrolink's SNES & NES controller but I would love the vintage feel of the REAL SNES Controller and my crazy idea was to hack up a USB Keyboard and mod the SNES & NES controller to be played on my Macbook using nestopia emulator, and my question is this (look at the next line for my question)

Is it possible to hack up a USB Keyboard's chip and then Solder the wire to the contact points of the controller without modding it in any way or just nab a converter that does the job? I wanna bring new life to a scrapped USB Keyboard's chip instead of getting Retrolink's SNES Controller to plug and play.

So how I can mod the controller without destorying the old chip inside?



4 years ago

Sure, using the same logic you want to use... Keep the traces to find out the buttons you want to use...