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Hacking an audio greetings card - to prevent erasure of audio-clip Answered

I bought an audio greetings card as I wanted the recording device to put in a craft project. I've recorded the 20 second audio clip and I want to prevent accidental erasure of said audio clip.

I have 2 short questions...

Which wire or wires do I cut in order to disable the record button??

Can I chop the (now redundant) mic out completely (as I'm trying to reduce the thickness of the sound module as much as poss) without affecting the sound clip, will it still play if the mic is no longer in the circuit?

I've included a photo showing the record and mic buttons, and the wires going to and from them.

Many thanks for any advice offered :o)


Anshu AR

2 years ago


Without the schematics of the circuit, it's really hard to say.

But, I think you should try desoldering the record button (As you do not want to change your message).

Hope that works!