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'Hacking' old advertisement touchscreen from Avengers display Answered

Can anyone give me some advise on how to go about using this for something more useful?
It's a touchscreen micro-computer of sorts that has an SD card installed. On that card are several videos files that run automatically and upon touchscreen prompts.
I'm thinking that it'd be nice to upload a video for the applicable season (think Halloween theme) and place it in my window so passers by can admire a scrolling video of something amusing.
The SD card is a 4GB card and is only partially used (just over 3GB free)



3 years ago

Excellent point! I saw the files and immediately thought I could just replace the existing .avi files with any of mine. I just haven't tried it yet but will be tinkering with it this weekend.

The files are as follows:

Image01, TOUCHDOT, Video01, Video02 - 06, Videoloop


3 years ago

Can you read the video file names off of the SD card? It might give a clue to what video format the videos are encoded in. Also, is there is a name/numbering scheme to determine the order that they are referenced or played? You might be able to replace a video in the appropriate format. Good luck.