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Halloween Contest Answered

Alright so I'm really confused because I entered my instructable in the photos, decorations, and props section of the Halloween Competition; unfortunately my instructable is only showing up in the photos section. It was my understanding that you could enter your instuctable in multiple sections. Am I wrong? Please help.


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8 years ago

You are able to enter up to 3 contests at a time. The Halloween Contests are all moderated, so it takes a few days for us to review them and enter them in. You should get a "we received your entry" email for each entry, when we accept them you get a "contest accepted" email. 

If you did not get an "accepted" email in a few business days that means you entry didn't meet the entry criteria. For Halloween specifically there was some confusion around what categories things should be entered in, I think this post might clear things up. Did that help?