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Halloween Masks Answered

One of the key elements of Halloween is the mask. A still grinning mask can help you look perfectly evil while you can relax and enjoy the reactions inside it. It's a key part of Halloween and to get the look you want you may just have to make one yourself.

Here are 10 Instructables to help you with any last-minute needs to make a mask of your own or maybe check out for any costume event in the future.

If you do make something awesome this year be sure to document it and enter it into ourDIY Halloween Contest!

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Scary Mask by scoochmaroo
This project may be a bit intimidating, but check out the Instructable to see it broken down and you'll see it's not so tough after all.

Duct Tape Batman Mask by seamster
Everyone knows that duct tape is a universal power for good. So put that to good use to make this mask and start taking some villains down!

Masquerade Ball Masks by thydzik
A simple and effective technique to turn a cheap mask into a custom and elegant disguise of your own.

Guy Fawkes Mask in Origami by chosetec
You'll need some time for this one and might be afraid to wear it when you're done, but it is wonderful to have around when do finish it.

Nazgul Mask for $15-20 by Drakz
Get this mask together for just a little cash and get ready to hunt some hobbits!

Realistic, Animatronic Lion Mask with stereo night vision and amplified hearing by Solion
For those who recreate this Instructable with over 100 steps, we applaud you. For the rest of us, there is so much here to inspire your next project it's not even funny.

Giant Mask: Montessaurus! by pokiespout
Make a gigantic mask of anything you want!

Make a Mad Eye Moody Mad Eye by KaptinScarlet
Small, simple, and delivers a great effect. What more could you ask for?

How to make an Anglerfish mask by thenickboy
Show off your love of the deep, deep waters with this anglerfish mask.

Epic Papier Mache Indian Cannibal Mask! by DainiusGB
Learn to live and love the papier mache methods. It's well worth the trouble for Halloween or any other time.


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