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Halloween Pastry Contest on Serious Eats Answered

Serious Eats has teamed up with Pepperidge Farms to host a "Halloween baking challenge featuring Puff Pastry."

The grand prize winner will travel to Serious Eats headquarters in New York City for a pastry crawl.
(why am I only now learning about pastry crawls??)

The winner will also score a 5.5 quart stand mixer from Cuisinart and some great baking gear from Pepperidge Farm.

So check it out! The contest ends October 15.  Just upload your entry to the Photograzing section of Serious Eats, and get inspired while your there.

Have a great idea but not the resources to enter?  Leave your ideas in the comments, and someone just may pick it up!


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8 years ago

Sounds like fun--I'm in.