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Halloween Photo Contest Winners Answered

Thanks to everyone for all of your awesome entries in the 2012 Instructables Photo Contest. We had over 600 entries, and our 11 judges just delivered their final evaluations. This was our biggest Halloween contest yet, and it was only successful because of each and every participant’s contribution. From everyone at Instructables, thank you so much for sharing what you’ve made. Instructables helps to set the tone for DIY Halloween costumes, and you guys all set the tone for Instructables. Keep up the great work, and I cannot wait to see what you put together in 2013. (Just 11 short months until Halloween!)

This year’s first prize in the Halloween Photo Contest is Tatterhood’s Ryuk Costume. Her project was an excellent example of what we look for in a photo entry: namely, a series of great pictures that illustrate the project’s creation along with enough explanatory text that the project is reproducible to some degree. This project in particular did an excellent job of telling a story in photos and mortaring any gaps in detail with the text. Plus, it is awesome. The leather outfit, the mask, and the feathered shoulders would have each made a great project. Taken together, this was an outstanding project (even if you’re unfamiliar with the Death Note reference material.)

Our second prize winners were wonderful as well. There wasn’t a terribly sharp drop-off from first prize to second prize, which speaks to the amount and quality of the work poured into each of these projects. Rexrothwell's painstakingly detailed White Walker, a TMNT group costume (with Splinter!) from wmorey37, and davisgraveyard's weeping angel monument that wouldn’t look out of place in a cemetery or on Dr. Who round out our second prizes.

Third prize winners: you will each receive a mold cutting, prop polishing, versatile Dremel rotary tool to help you unseat this year’s winners in 2013. Do not be disheartened by a third place finish, since a few of the folks who won larger prizes used professional photographers, are professional prop or costume makers, or just plain spent more time or money on their entries.

Final note: Consider competing with a step by step project next year, as documentation and reproducibility are important considerations when comparing excellent projects against other excellent projects.


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8 years ago

Congrats everyone!!

So sad I didn't win but then again that Ryuk costume was kick ass and that white walker? Don't even get me started on that one.

Congratulations to everyone that won! Can't wait for next Halloween to see more ridiculously talented crafters make mind blowing costumes.