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Halloween Project Contest and Build Party at Squid Labs Answered

For all of October, Instructables is having a Halloween project contest. We're giving away Make controller kits, Wild Planet Toys Spy Cameras, Magazine subscriptions, and Instructables patches. Check here for full details.

To kick off a great DIY-Halloween, Instructables is hosting a build party at Squid Labs this Friday October 6th at 7:30 PM. We'll have sewing machines, pumpkins and knives, spooky music, mills and lathes, scrap material, snacks, and plenty of cameras to document everything. Bring your proto-costume, your great Halloween ideas, or anything else you want to work on. RSVP by sending me an email so I'll have some sense of how many people to expect.

If you're too far away, how about having a build party in your town this Friday as well?!


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