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Halloween graveyard gate Answered

Hey guys, so I'm planning a halloween party this year, and came across this prop on one of the popular halloween store's websites :


Looking at it, I thought $150? The two columns would be more than easy enough to make like that for very cheap. I just dont know how I'd go about building the 'Cemetary' sign like that (or something similar). Anyone have any experience/ideas on how to go about doing that?


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10 years ago

If you have sturdy columns to work with, then it should be easy. Assuming the columns are made from wood, pvc tubing, metal pipe, or part of an existing fence and fixed to the ground, make a crosspiece that spans the width of the opening. You can then cover everything with a layer of rigid house insulation(sheets of styrofoam or a finer pink/blue plastic foam). Carve with an electric knife or utility knife to create the brick pattern. Layout the lettering by sketching to scale from a drawing or use the free rasterbator software to enlarge something on the computer. You can even just layer up corrugated cardboard a few layers and finish off the rough edges with papier mache. Look up the instructables by creativeman to make signs, he has a lot of stuff. Faux rock effect is fun to do. Good luck.