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Halloween photo contest Answered

Hi there

I entered  my instructable into the halloween photo contest as this was the only place at the time to enter this but since I have noticed there is a halloween photo editing contest but this option was not available in the list of contests i know i have a few votes and was wondering is there any chance it can be moved to the photo editing contest rather than the photo contest  as it belongs there but as i say this option was not available when i submitted my instructable. here is the link to my instructable in question  


please can you tell me  what can be done if anything.

many thanks 



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8 years ago

Go to the Contest page and click how to enter.  If you scroll down there should be a listing of all of your instructables eligible for entry into the contest (make sure that you are logged in with your username).  It should have this instructable listed and in brackets beside the title (enter this instructable).  Just click on that and it will be entered into the contest (since the contest is moderated it may take a bit of time for it to be accepted into the contest -especially since it is the weekend).


Reply 8 years ago


Also, I think you're better off entering both contests and not worry about removing it from the Photo Contest.