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Halo Reach Portrait/Poster Answered

A While ago i made this cool Poster Of My Brother, Cousin And my own Halo Reach Characters. It Includes The character, The Emblem, and The Rank of your gamertag on Halo Reach.It Also Has A personal motto (Optional), A Personal Backround and Your name Plus Your own Service tag (Ex-Mine is 112). I chose for mine to not include a backround but that was my choice. I am Experimenting with Halo 3 Characters too. If you would like your own Halo Reach Poster Fill Out Form Below Then Pm Or Email To me.(I will make faster if Emailed as I check email more often) If you want to preveiw Just the character Download A program called Vanity. ~Higley1089  (Also I Only Need first name Not last.) Email-Joshua@Jhigley.com

First Name and Service tag-


Left Shoulder-

Right Shoulder-




Knee Guards-

Visor Color-

Primary Color-

Secondary Color-



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